‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’ movie show Event went ‘sold out’ in Tasmania for first time in history for ‘Neplay Events’


Hobart, a small but fabulous city in Tasmania has unique flavour for Nepalese culture and traditions. Respecting affection and support towards the Nepal and Nepali language, ‘Neplay Events’ in coordination with ‘ISAN Education’ had organized a massive movie show event for ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi’ in September last year for the first time. This event had created two consecutive ‘sold out’ history for ‘Neplay Events’ in Tasmania for the first time.

Even the very small town ‘Hobart’ had given us golden opportunity to prove that ‘Neplay Events’ is the best event organizer. Two consecutive Kabbaddi Kabbaddi Kabaddi’ shows went ‘sold out’ within very short time frame. That was the very first time ‘Neplay Events’ had organized events in Tasmania and went historical. We found that, Tasmanian have very warm heart to support Nepal and Nepali. We would like to appreciate the beautiful affection, care, support and unity towards Nepal and Nepali language from Tasmania to prove us historical.

Kabbaddi Kabbaddi Kabaddi’ is a justifiable sequence of ‘Kabaddi’ movie, which has portrayed a unique local Nepalese culture in pure organic language. And ‘Neplay Events’ know how valuable are our culture, tradition and language in overseas.

‘Neplay Event’ know the power of even a small single Nepali event because it can refresh us from our chaotic situation in overseas. Therefore, ‘Neplay Events’ always think one milestone ahead to support people who wanted to know and/or already knew the value of Nepali language, culture and tradition.

Without the support, cooperation and love from people like you, we cannot believe us to be proven. ‘Neplay Events’ would like to appreciate you and would like to thank for your wonderful support during the event organization in Tasmania. We look forward the similar support and cooperation in future.